Member Appreciation Event, June 10th 2018

Two speakers: Ellen Gurtizsky & Dr. Samani

Ellen Guritzsky of Crosstex: Water Sterilization & Safe Dental Water

Dr. Samani: All on Four Technique
Dr Samani has 35 years of lecturing on dental Implantology including 5 yrs of teaching area dentists implant techniques, through the Ridgewood Dental Education Center. Dr Samani, a prosthodontist is very well versed in the All on Four technique, as well as all areas of implants and also has taught sleep apnea appliance techniques. Dr Samani will go over treatment planning, diagnosis, patient selection, restorative steps, surgical & prosthetic planning, lab communication, and more on this specialized full mouth hybrid overdenture technique.

Date: June 10th, 8-1 with breakfast and lunch 4 CEs
Venue: Akbar Restaurant, Edison, NJ
No charge for members
$75 charge for nonmembers

Please call Dr. Usha Rana at 862-823-1884 to sign up.